Self-Standing Green, Yellow and Clear Quartz Samadhi Himalayan Cluster

An absolutely majestic Himalayan cluster display with a unique balance of large clear quartz points, contrasting with super fine crystals on a green and yellow matrix. This area also has stripes! The way that the tiny crystals reflect light is quite fascinating. Naturally self standing. Found high in the Himalayas in the Kullu Valley of Pradesh, India.

The Himalayas have been long revered as a center of spiritual practice and meditation. It's thought that this centuries long energy has been absorbed into the land and in turn, the crystals that form there. 

Samadhi is a state of consciousness where individual awareness dissolves into the greater whole and can in turn bring joyful calm. It's considered a profound state of contemplation while still bound to the body. The term Samadhi has been given to these crystals with the belief that they have the potential to unite you with the highest reality. 

4 3/4" long, 5" wide, 6" high

4lbs  5oz