Pietra Paesina Stone Slab with Stand

A beautifully scenic Paesina stone slab with dendrites along the bottom. Looks like a desert scene! A portion of the back has been secured with adhesive to give added stability. It has not been broken and is not damaged. Due to this reinforcement, it has been marked down from $190. Comes with an iron stand. 

Paesina stone from the hills of Florence, Italy. Evoking landscape of the ocean, canyons, mountain ranges, villages and cliffs, this variety of limestone has been collected throughout Europe since the 16th century. It can be found in museums and churches throughout Florence and inlaid in the altar of the cathedral in Siena. In Renaissance Europe, Pietra Paesina was in high demand for use in furniture making and as backgrounds for oil paintings.

This is a sedimentary stone made of compressed limestone and clay, formed in sea beds 50 million years ago. It was Lorenzo de' Medici who ruled Florence in the 15th century that ordered a search for all semi-precious stones in the surrounding area at which time this limestone was discovered. This piece was found in the Northern Apennine Mountains surrounding Florence. Paesina stone has occasionally been found in other areas of Italy but the pieces that originate from the Florentine hills are recognized as the highest in quality and beauty. 

Your slab will come with an iron stand for display. 

7 1/2" by 3 1/2"

7.4 oz