Hi, I'm Jessica, founder of Sugar Studio Crystals.

In 2015, crystals found me for a second time in my life and I completely surrendered to them. They have transformed my journey toward healing personal wounds of loss and continually elevate my spiritual practice.

I live in San Diego, California with my two daughters. Traveling to gem shows around the world to select crystals and meet with vendors is one of my most treasured parts of what I do.

Today, Sugar Studio Crystals is a community of over 100,000 crystal loving individuals who are each on their own journey. On Instagram you can find my daily crystal inspiration, new crystals for sale and a very like-minded, supportive community. Every other weekend we meet via Instagram live sales where you can purchase carefully hand-selected crystals in real time, learning about crystals and sharing some laughs.

For me, crystal selecting must satisfy the eye and the soul. Always trust your intuition. It knows the way.